Who are your typical clients?

I work with all kinds of people but mostly they are fabulous men and women who have a lot going for them but are looking for the extra 10%, more balance or happiness. Some of my clients just need a reboot to get unstuck or a little extra motivation to to achieve their goals.

Often I work with women in leadership (or those who are seeking to grow into leadership roles) accompanying and helping them grow and excel, and also those who reached a crossroads and perhaps want to take a new path.

I love helping women to take decisions with confidence and stop second guessing themselves…

Who do you work best with?

I love working with people who want to step-up, develop and who want to have a positive impact on their world. People who are trying to be authentic and live a fuller happier lives on their terms.  People who are willing to invest themselves in the coaching process and ideally have some fun while doing it!

Chemistry is important and I won’t work with someone if it’s not there, I’ll always be honest and respectful and would just ask for the same in return.  I will also be happy to refer someone if I feel I can’t add significant value myself, or if I feel an alternative therapy would be more beneficial. I will always adhere to the ICF code of ethics which can be accessed here

Do I need a coach? / Can coaching help me?

No you don’t ‘need’ a coach, but yes it can definitely help anyone looking to grow their awareness, make changes or just to amplify happiness and success.  I wouldn’t have made half the bold choices I have in my life without excellent coaching support to help me think expansively and realise what I could achieve.

How do you work?

It starts with a free consultation where we get to know one another, ideally over a cup of tea (or glass of vino) and decide if we are the right fit. Coaching should be an amazing journey, an equal partnership where I create space for you to explore what is you really value, identify what you truly want and create a vision and plan to get there. 

It’s not always possible to meet face to face and I’m amazed how well coaching works by FaceTime or skype. I generally prefer not to coach by telephone as we lose too much connection without being able to see one another.

I offer a range of one to one coaching and packages depending on what you need.

How do our sessions take place?

Skype or face to face depending on where you’re based. My reconnect and centre - 1 day package is built around you so will be tailored to your needs.

What is coaching?

Coaching is remarkably simple yet effective way to help you uncover what makes them tick, what you really want out of life, so that you can make changes to become a happier version of yourself. 

Coaching isn’t a quick fix and can’t be done for you. You have to bring your full self, dig deep, be really honest and do the work to get results. 

What professional training or qualifications do you have?

I hold an ICF & AC accredited diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Coaching Centre, the world’s leading school for transformational coach training.  I selected this course as it is more psychologically-minded, for coaches who want to help clients achieve deeper, more profound change in their lives and their work.  I am also a licensed Firework Career Coach.