Do You ever have the feeling that there just isn't enough time?

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I will help you to uncover or reconnect with what’s important to you.

Through the process you'll become clear on what truly makes you happy in life and where you are not prepared to compromise.

I help my clients prioritise and make decisions with confidence. How? By learning to take value based and principle centered decisions you will know you are making the right choice for you.

This approach can cure even the most persistent people pleasing. Trust me, push personalities will back-off when you do this. It’s only when you doubt yourself that well meaning people jump-in with their views and try to give you their advice - that is - convince you that their way is the right way!

They are not you and cannot know what’s best for you - only you truly know that.   

I will never give you advice when I am coaching you. This is important.

Instead I will help you to become more aware of your blind spots, self-limiting or outdated beliefs and help you realise for yourself what it is you really want. From there we can make a plan to achieve that. It is working in this way, letting you discover and decide for yourself, that we can make profound and lasting impact.

If you are further down this road already - I hold space for you - to release the steam from the daily pressure cooker of life and work. Doing this regularly allows you to clear your mind, sharpen your focus and expand, so that you can achieve what your are truly capable of.  

I am passionate that you live as the greatest version of yourself.


I've always considered myself very lucky, I fell into my career, worked hard and progressed up the ladder of a great company. I always enjoyed my work, was successful and pretty happy. I left it to my employers to manage my career progression, which included where I lived in the world, from Bangkok to Singapore, onto Paris and then London. I was content,  I was cruising.

That was until I was appointed to a senior global role. It wasn’t the promotion that did it, but that I was working in a sector that was contrary to my values. My brain told me that this was an amazing opportunity but I felt the conflict in my body and I struggled living out of alignment.

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Trust me, rationalising and using logic here won't work.

A different approach is needed.

I learned that values are the rocks in your life that you must respect and steer by or risk crashing up against them.  

They will remain constant and you will end up feeling bruised or worse - broken. I certainly did. With the support of a life coach, I took the hard decisions I needed to take in order to start living life on my own terms.

It was a wonderful wake-up call to take control of my life and decide what was important to me. I took a sabbatical and retrained as a Transformational Coach - something I had been planning to do ‘one day’.

I now have a portfolio career and am excited and optimistic when I wake up each morning.

I have created a life that works for me. I don’t pretend I have all the answers, I am learning everyday but I am living in alignment with my values.

I have my own coach to keep me in balance and travelling on my chosen path. I love my life right now and I want the same for you.

Do you have a feeling something is not quite right?

  • Generally speaking you are 'doing great' and yet sometimes balance and happiness elude you and you feel anxious or guilty on some level.   This might be because of a specific work pressure or deadline or because you have such a full life it’s hard to fit it all in and feel that you have given your best to each situation (be it your work, your partner, family or friends!)

  • You might just be off kilter because you are going through a transition and your life isn’t where you want it to be (for example finding a new job, time to exercise or finding a partner to share it all with)

  • You don’t want to admit it but you look at others wondering how they seem to ‘do it all’ and appear so confident and composed all the time

  • Perhaps you are already nailing it at work but know you can take it up a notch and really excel. Maybe you need to shed the imposter syndrome you carry so that you can stop holding yourself back. By really believing that you are good enough you know can take it to the next level.

  • You want to achieve a specific goal or objective, but ultimately need to create change at a deeper and more transformational level, so that you own that hold that course with conviction and confidence.

charlotte Whalley Bio

Charlotte is a warm and positive person who sees the world as an exciting place with many opportunities. Her skill is helping her clients find their strength, shed their self-doubt and achieve their full potential.

A marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in international business, Charlotte brings strategic, tactical and management skills to her approach. Over the years she has used coaching in her work to develop her teams and also to navigate her own life and career transitions.  So convinced of the importance and power of coaching to help people take action and achieve their goals that she trained with Animas Centre for Transformational Coaching and is a qualified Firework Career Transition Coach.

 Check out her LinkedIn here.